Mission Statement

   To encourage the community and corporates to participate

in fun social events with a focus on giving back to the community. Through our events, we aim to create awareness and raise funds to tackle these issues. PartYcipate also trains and prepares small communities to organize effective fundraisers and campaigns. We believe Awareness+Action can make a difference in our world. Our primary causes and what we aim to achieve in poor communities are;

  • Improving the quality of education
  • Providing access to healthcare
  • Encouraging and supporting entrepreneuship


Our Story



  Through our love for socializing, networking and culture, we hope to encourage the community and corporates to partYcipate in fun events and activities that serve a purpose. We are the events and entertainment brand with a mission!               

PartYcipate was launched in 2012 out of a desire to raise awareness about socioeconomic and healthcare issues affecting poor and disadvantaged communities. We aim to tackle and raise awareness about these issues through events, entertainment and social programs.